Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Benefits of Yearly Air Conditioner Maintenance

It may not feel like it today, but summer is just around the corner and it won't be long until we are all running our air conditioners and complaining that it is just too hot! The hottest days of summer (the days we need our air conditioners the most) are the same days that air conditioners are most likely to break down. But, there is good news! You can actually save money on your utility bills and help prevent your system from breaking down by having a maintenance check performed on your system in the spring.

Benefits of a Yearly Tune Up

1. Lower Energy Bills

2. Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

3. Help Prevent Break Downs

4. Extend the Life of Your System

5. Increase the Overall Efficiency

Just like having the oil changed in your car and regular check ups with your dentist, having your heating and cooling system checked regularly can actually save you money in the long run. Your HVAC technician will clean your system, check your air filter, and test all major and minor parts of your air conditioner to make sure it is operating efficiently. It is not uncommon for technicians to catch minor problems that can be easily corrected before they become major problems. If you haven't already had your system checked this spring, now is the time to contact Peterson Heating & Cooling to be sure your system is operating efficiently this summer!

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